These are the requirements for admission qualification:

High School Transcript Records

High school records and grade transcripts are a good indication of how well prepared you are for college. Your transcripts must show adequate performance in these areas, depending on your intended major, as follows:

For Accounting, Business, Applied Sciences and Computer Science:

English, four years; mathematics, four years with two in algebra, one in geometry and one in pre-calculus; science, three years in biology, chemistry and physics.

For Humanities:

English, four years; mathematics, three years, two years in algebra and one in geometry; science, one year in either chemistry, biology or physics.
Please regard these as minimum requirements.  Those students who plan secondary school focus in science or math should have more comprehensive preparation in these areas for optimal success.

Special Requirements For Pre-Med Program:

This program of study necessarily has greater prerequisite requirements. English, four years; college preparatory mathematics, four years; science, three years, one each in biology, physics and chemistry. AP Biology and AP Chemistry are encouraged. Consideration for the Accelerated Medicine Program requires a combined SAT 1 (mathematics and critical reading portions) of at least 1400,  Applicants must have taken two SAT Subject Tests (Biology, Chemistry or Math Level I or II); these tests must be completed by January of your senior high in high school for evaluation.

English Requirement

Each student must capably complete a humanities course, required each semester; therefore, English competence must be demonstrated by:

  • Completing the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a score no lower than 550 on the paper-based test or 80 on the computerized version, or an IELTS score of 7 or higher.
  • SAT critical reading section score of at least 550.



  • As shown in course schedule.
  • Include a $40 administration fee. Non-refundable.
  • GS-exempt for most courses.
  • Course details and fees are subject to change.


  • Fees include all costs, including textbooks, course materials, long distance charges.  (unless otherwise noted.)
  • Videos and loaner textbooks are given to students to use and must be returned by the date noted on shipping documents.
  • Full payment is due upon registration.


  • Make cheques payable to Red River College.
  • Post-dated cheques are not allowed.
  • Visa, MasterCard and AMEX are accepted.
  • Never send cash in the mail.
  • In-person payments of cash and debit card payments are accepted.


Mail, voicemail or fax registrations are confirmed via telephone within three business days.

Registration receipts have information about dates, times and location, and these are mailed.

Registration receipts are included in course packages for distance delivery programs.


  • To drop a course and be eligible for a refund, the request must be submitted in writing, according to the timelines below.
  • Forms for Drop/Withdrawal are available through the TURIOT Portal:


  • Partial refunds for classes of 17 hours or more are available up to the day prior to start of the second class.
  • For workshops (classes of 16 hours or less) partial refunds are available until 8 days prior to the first class.


  • Partial refunds should be requested within 10 days before the start of the course.
  • Refunds will be made when your course package is returned in its original condition.
  • Refund will be the course fee less these fees, when applicable:
  • Cost of any part of course package not returned in its original condition. (This includes textbooks, materials, videotapes and readings.)
  • Cost of shipping
  • Cost of marked assignments
  • Cost of telephone and other instructional charges for tutorial and conference calls.


  • Detailed refund policies can be found at
  • Refunds will be given in the same form as payment; cash and debit card payment refunds will be paid by cheque.
  • Refund requests are processed within a centralized system and approved refunds will be done within 15 business days.
  • To request refunds for non-tuition items like parking, tests and fitness classes, original receipts must be presented.


  • To withdraw from your course, you must submit a request in writing a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the end date of the course and before writing the final exam.
  • Withdrawal forms at the TURIOT Portal
  • You can also email your withdrawal request to


  • If you are unable to complete your self-directed course by the end date designated on your registration form, you may request an 8-week extension with the payment of a $75 fee.
  • To extend your studies, you must make arrangements three weeks before the course ending date and only one extension is permitted per course.
  • Extension are not allowed for workshops and term courses.
  • Once you pay for an extension, you are not able to withdraw from the course.


  • The College expressly reserves the right to cancel a course when needed.
  • Course cancellations are caused by unforeseen circumstances.
  • The College will send notifications of any course changes or cancellations via email to the preferred email account.

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