Industrial Electrical Maintenance

Gain the skills and knowledge in electric theory and hands-on practical applications with this course. The courses will teach you to maintain and troubleshoot manufacturing equipment safely and efficiently. You will learn about DC and AC basics, control systems, electrical code basics and instrumentation.

Industrial Supervision

This program will focus on management principles in organizational settings; the goal is to prepare students for leadership roles in industry. You will gain knowledge and management skills you need to enhance your contribution to an organization, while also studying safety and ethical workplace issues.

Inside Sales/Warehouse Technician

This program will help you develop needed skills to pursue advancement opportunities in warehouse, inside sales, inventory control or distribution jobs. You will learn the fundamentals of shipping, receiving, customer service and business communications, along with math and computer skills.

Operations Management

You will learn skills needed to pursue a career in materials, manufacturing and production, management, production and logistics. You will gain a good understanding of topics, like: accounting, purchasing, production supervision, inventory management, and traffic and storage functions.

Quality Systems Management and Application

This program can help with preparation for a career as quality technician or quality assurance practitioner. Students will explore concepts and theory of quality management and see how they are applied to effectively contribute as part of an organization management team.  Courses cover topics like data analysis, statistical process control, processes management and ISO 9001:2000 quality systems.

Civil Engineering Technology

Gain the skills and knowledge to be successful in the civil engineering field. You will explore topics like engineering economics and nontechnical materials.

Mechanical Engineering Technology

You will learn about a range of subjects in this program, including engineering design, manufacturing, engineering materials and applied mechanics. You will also be earning credits toward a three-year TURIOT diploma in mechanical engineering while gaining the knowledge to work in the aerospace industry or gain promotion.

Computer-Aided Design and Drafting

This program will provide the skills and knowledge needed to work in a wide range of industries, such as architecture, construction, mechanical design and manufacturing. Hands-on training is included so that you will become familiar with computer-aided drafting (CAD) software used in many industries.

Construction Management

The focus of this program is on technical and management skills necessary for heavy, commercial, industrial and residential construction. You will learn about the laws, codes and regulations that pertain to industry while also respecting sustainable practices. You will develop the knowledge to work in the skilled trades or engineering technologies.

Fire Alarm Technician

This program will help you to gain the skill set required to successfully work in the fire alarm systems installation and maintenance field. You will explore topics like electronics, fire alarm systems and business communications. The program is combined with on-the-job training and 12 to 24 months experience to lead to certification by the Canadian fire Alarm Association.

Gold Seal

TURIOT offers Gold Seal courses in a range of subjects, from Construction Job site Management to Principles of Supervision and leadership courses. TURIOT is a great educational source for industry professionals to pursue certifications and expand their knowledge base.

Power Engineering

This program will help you obtain needed skills and knowledge to become a licensed power engineer. You will learn how to effectively and safely operate major power equipment in industrial and commercial settings. The program meets rating requirements for pre-licensure education as stated by the North America Department of Labour, under the Power Engineers Act.

Trades Qualification

You can get the needed preparation for your trade qualification exams; TURIOT has qualified instructors with the expertise to assist you in a range of trades, and prepare for your exams.

Water and Wastewater School

You will gain skills needed to enter the field of wastewater and water treatment in this program. You will learn about wastewater chemistry, operations and maintenance of facilities and systems.  Those students already working in the field should take this program to upgrade abilities and meet continuing education unit requirements.

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