Digital Audio Video Production

Discovery of the exciting A/V production world updated with the latest digital equipment, is available at TURIOT’s Exchange Campus. You can take this course of programs to gain skills or upgrade to professional-grade media production abilities. If you are a passionate hobby enthusiast or want to gain work in this industry, this is the course for you. You will develop key skills in AV software tools, digital video camera usage, and editing abilities for audio and digital video.

Culinary Arts

Your hospitality and restaurant management skills can be developed to meet or exceed challenges in this increasingly sophisticated field. The culinary program helps you gain knowledge in many areas: introduction to culinary arts, hospitality communication, specialty culinary skills, computer usage, accounting, safety, restaurant service, inventory management and human resources skills.

Food Services Management

This program will help you develop the skills to oversee food service operations, and prepare you for the duties of a food service manager. These responsibilities include: overall operation, production, staffing, financial and budget management, menu and nutritional planning, and client service. You will learn about regulations and best practices, including the newest food trends and issues.

Graphic Communications

Development of the basic skills needed for success in the graphic design field. Discover trends and technology in the graphic design industry, practice basic design application, drawing and illustration using the latest software tools.

Professional Photography

Gain skills and  knowledge to make you technically and creatively proficient with digital imaging and image processing. Acquire hands-on experience with digital image manipulation, SIR operation, lighting, exposure, printing, editing, processing and retouching.

Residential Decorating

Acquire needed skills to manage decorating projects that will improve residential spaces. Learn design principles and how they enhance function and quality in living environments. Gain the needed skills to assess your client’s decorating needs and develop floor plans, recommend products to purchase and handle installation and arrangements. Personalize your education and gain additional knowledge and skills in marketing and sales, drafting, graphic design, small business management, or interior design. Also check out our latest series of residential decorating software.

Apparel Design

Gain the skills and expertise that you need to create and design clothing. You can use this experience to work in the fashion industry or simply as a hobby.  This program will help you develop skills in pattern creation, design, fabric properties, tailoring and fashion illustration. It is a great introduction to the business if you are considering a career or going into business on your own; entrepreneurship is common in this field.

Hospitality and Tourism Management

This program will teach you the necessary skill set to be a successful manager in the travel and hospitality industries and meet their diverse and changing needs. Especially relevant for those students attaining their education on a part time basis, these courses will help you gain knowledge of accounting, communications, safety and hospitality, as well as restaurant and inventory management and human resources skills.

Professional Photography

This program will teach you the skills and knowledge you need to develop creative and technical aspects of digital imaging and processing. You will gain hands-on experience in digital image manipulation, SIR operation, lighting, exposure, composition, editing, printing, retouching and processing. You will learn about marketing, managing projects and entrepreneurial tasks that are required to successfully run a photography business. This program runs from August through April.

Administrative Assistant

The focus is on administrative and technical skills that are  required for demanding office environments. It will combine theory and practice for success in entry-level administrative positions. You will learn about office software, communications, teamwork, problem solving and administrative process.

Railway Conductor

This program teaches you the skills needed to work as a member of a train crew in the railway industry. You will learn about marshaling and switching  rail cars, performing inspections, transporting hazardous materials, keeping records, and working with authorities– all within the context of the Canadian Rail Operating Rules and Railway General Operating Instructions. You will spend time gaining hands-on experience in the practicum component of the program.

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