Computer and Network Support

Prepare for success as a computer and network support technician by increasing your knowledge of hardware, servers, networks and operating systems. You will learn set up, maintenance, management and troubleshooting for computer systems utilizing accepted standards. Several classes were designed to prepare students for certification in the industry.

Computer Applications

Learn the needed skills to prepare for certification while using popular office software. You will get hands-on experience in the TURIOT computer labs, which feature Microsoft and Adobe software products. You will learn about a range of topics, like word processing, photo editing, spreadsheets and accounting software.

Information Communication Security

This program prepares you for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP®) exam. You will learn about a range of topics, like hardware, staff security and networking while focusing on setting up and maintaining a secure system by determining needed requirements, managing risk and security and applying cryptography.

Information Systems Programmer/Analyst

Preparation for a career in the I.T. industry and application development can begin with this program. Exploration of the concepts of software design, including the following: software design, project management, development and essential analysis.

Project Management

This program will teach the critical skills needed to work effectively in project management and supervise complex projects or programs. You will develop key skills that help to deliver projects on time and on budget by studying project planning, quality control and communication management.

Software Development

Learn new computer languages and application development skills. The program focuses on object-oriented analysis and programming to enhance your abilities. You will study essential concepts, and make a choice of certification in visual Basic.NeT or java languages.

Technology Management Advanced

This program will help you gain the skills, abilities and knowledge needed to manage both people and projects in technical fields. You will explore project management, managerial communications, marketing, business policies, finance, economics and human organizational behaviour. The program offers a condensed and easily accessible solution to advanced management training demands.

Computer Training Courses

These programs can provide you with knowledge and skills necessary for planning, managing, implementing and analyzing a variety of computer applications.

Computer Training Workshops

Using the most up-to-date software, you will enhance your core computer skills for use in personal development or your career. These workshops are hands-on, non-credit courses that are shorter in duration and targeted to varied skill levels. Most of these workshops are eight hours in length and available for delivery on your site.

Chemical and Biosciences Technology

In this program, you will learn analytical and organic chemical procedures, laboratory skills,  microbiology and biochemical methods. Emphasis on specialized techniques in immunology, molecular biology, tissue culture and instrumentation are standard parts of the courses. Lab safety, quality assurance and industrial processes are added areas to study.

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