about us

TURIOT-the Turing Institute of Technology, was created to motivate and prepare students to become leaders in diverse fields.

TURIOT’s offerings range from basic math and science courses to courses that teach you to create, manage and apply the latest technology to resolve complex business problems.

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Why choose us?

TURIOT is driven by the priorities established by the enterprise:

  • Commitment to excellence
  • Centered around students
  • Impact through collaboration
  • Core principal of technology

TURIOT encourages innovations

TURIOT encourages continual innovation, and this fact makes a big difference in the lives of its students and the impact they will have in the world. Developing clean water technologies for remote areas, helping to protect computer systems against hacking attacks, or creating modern surgical devices are just a few ways TURIOT’s purposeful innovations have helped around the world. These positive impacts on humanity are good for the student and great for society at large. Work on projects like these also give our students valuable experience and a social network that will help them successfully navigate their careers.

Virtual Learning

Old obstacles to gaining additional education, like scheduling and location, are relics of the past with distance education opportunities. In today’s increasingly digital world, increasing skills, pursuing additional interests and advancing your career can be pursued from anywhere you have a computer and Internet connection.

Corporate Solutions

Our Corporate Solutions Department offers much more than simple training services. Corporate Solutions now includes development and consulting services. It can help with hiring practices and policies, lean assessments, gap analysis, curriculum development and consulting work, along with Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Whether the goal is generating additional revenue, resolving an issue or lowering expenses, more than just training is needed.

Online education Advantages

Easy way to learn

Convenience. No strict classroom schedule to follow, which means it can fit your schedule. Learn where you are, whenever it is convenient for you..

Save Time and Money

No commuting. Save valuable time and money by cutting out travel to and from classes. Being too far away from a campus is no longer a problem..

Quick learning

Set your own pace. If you learn quickly, you can breeze through your courses, but if you prefer a slow and steady pace, it is no problem..

Our goal

Our goal is to provide a great learning environment for all of our students and provide them latest relevant and industry specific technology


TURIOT uses a system called Moodle to access the virtual classrooms. It is a learning management system that is popular with educators worldwide and allows teachers to create dynamic web sites for their student’s use. Moodle provides all the communication tools as well. You can finish the courses at your convenience; dedicated students will do well in this less structured environment.