Technical Communications

This program will help you gain skills and knowledge necessary for technical communications professionals. You will learn to present and write information which is clear and concise as well as focused on your specific audience. Specialized communication formats include proposal writing, online documentation and technical manuals; instruction about each of these formats is included in the program.

Website Development

You will learn and develop skills required to be a successful website developer, and prepare for a career in the constantly changing world of web development by taking this program. You will learn to create websites using programming and design tools, as well as build and maintain content for those sites, add audiovisual interest, manage web development projects and communicate with project teams and clients.

Writing Development

This program will enable you to upgrade your existing writing abilities and expand upon your expertise. Through lessons about written communications with experienced and well-educated instructors, you will learn about a wide variety of topics including writing children’s books and magazine writing, as well as creating proposals.

Library Training

Acquire the basic skills and knowledge needed to successfully work in small school and public libraries.

Educational Assistant

This program prepares you for a career working in an educational setting to support the work of teachers and assist students. This program helps you explore developmental needs of children and teaching strategies to meet those needs. The program focuses on a range of relevant topics, like inclusive education, learning characteristics, creating a supportive environment, managing behaviour and professionalism.  The program includes group projects, oral presentations and written assignments.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPl) Practitioner

This program provides needed knowledge and skills to practice in the RPl field or similar fields, like adult learning, career and employment counseling, human resources and qualification recognition. You will learn critical functions: advising, assessment and facilitating RPl systems and practices.

Building Construction Technician

This program teaches you the methods, skills and techniques needed to be a successful construction supervisor. You will explore construction law, drafting basics, project management and varied relevant topics to round out your program and skill set in preparation for work in the construction industry. It also adds non-construction courses to provide a well-rounded education across various projects and trades.

Civil Technician

This program will prepare you for a career as a civil technology specialist by studying a range of topics; these topics include math, sampling and field testing, material strength testing, surveying, computer applications,  technical communications and engineering graphics.

Design Drafting Technician

This program will help you upgrade your skills and increase technical knowledge in a range of subject areas, including engineering design, project management, building code analysis, and applied mechanics. You qualify to take this program if you have graduated from a CAD technology discipline or have relevant experience in the workplace.


This program will teach you the fundamentals of construction drawings and help you gain those skills that are required to complete either computer-generated or manual plans for both residential and commercial construction projects. You will learn about building materials, Auto Cad and drafting basics.

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