Learn accounting basics and the process for preparing financial statements with this course. You will learn to use relevant and efficient software and other useful tools in your accounting work, while gaining a working knowledge of journals, ledgers and adjustments. This course prepares you to work with double entry accounting in general and specifically to work in one of these areas: cost accounting, finance or business accounting.

Administrative Assistant

This coursework will focus on core administrative and technical skills that today’s modern offices require. The program combines theory with actual practice for ultimate success in an office position; it delivers a well-rounded syllabus of business computer software, communications, office procedures, problem-solving and teamwork instruction.

Business Administration

The Business Administration program offers instruction to develop skills and knowledge in overall  supervision or management, accounting and communications through the use of practical course projects and relevant and timely courses.

Business and Administrative Studies

This course program will help you in expanding your knowledge and developing  fundamental communications, supervision and management skills. It is offered to further enhance critical business functions such as marketing, accounting and economics. This program supplies a broad management overview and administrative expertise. It helps to prepare each student for a change in careers or jobs or career advancement.

Financial Planning

This program will give you the needed knowledge to become a certified financial planner.  You will develop crucial skills that help you analyze a client’s financial needs and stated objectives and create an investment and savings plan to help them successfully achieve their goals. Courses will cover fundamentals like income taxes, retirement, strategic investing, risk management and estate planning.

Human Resources Management

Human Resources is a rapidly growing and critical business field. You can prepare for human resource management (hRm) positions with this program by learning the basics, like recruiting, staffing, hiring, development and training. You can earn professional designations, such as those with the International Personnel management Association of Canada (IPmA) and Certified Human Resource Professional (ChRP).

Legal Administrative Assistant

Preparation to be successful in a support role within a legal department of a large or small law firm starts with this program. You will learn to prepare legal paperwork concerning civil litigation, real estate, wills and estates, business, domestic and family law, business, or even criminal cases. You will develop required skills needed to perform effectively in an administrative role within a legal setting.

Management Development

This course invites you to study management theory and human resource functions, while learning the skills and gaining the knowledge to manage others effectively. It will cover a broad range of disciplines, including leadership, communications, organizational structure and behaviour and business ethics. This course will lead to expanded and enhanced management skills that can help with career growth and future prospects.

Marketing Management

Imparting the knowledge to be successful in managing marketing functions, sales and advertising are the goals with this program. You will learn the principles and theory behind the business’s marketing function, and gain a keen understanding of how it is used to develop and promote goods and services. By studying a range of topics, from consumer behaviour, event management, e-business, and advanced techniques, you will grow in your knowledge and skills to be able to apply them in varied environments.

Professional Sales

This program will teach you the fundamentals to enter the sales field. You will learn professional sales techniques, improve business communication skills and learn how to build solid customer relationships.

Retail Management

Developing the skills and abilities for students to be successful in the retail management field is the aim of this program. You will be prepared for a role in leadership in the exciting world of retail by learning business communications, marketing skills, accounting and retail sales.

Small Business Management

This program will prepare you to successfully manage a small enterprise, whether as your own boss or to work in management. You will learn what it takes to start a business and develop an appreciation of entrepreneurship. You will also gain a well-rounded education in business management topics like computerized accounting, customer service, professional sales techniques and human resources.

Transportation and Distribution Management

This program teaches you the skills to succeed in the logistics and transportation industry. You will prepare for a career in management in the field by learning logistics processes, business communications, economics and transportation systems.

Business Workshops and Personal Development

A variety of workshops and seminars dedicated to helping you enhance business-related skills. You will develop abilities to effectively deal with a broad range of work-related, organization and daily life situations.

Canadian Institute of Bookkeeping

Development of the skills needed to become certified in bookkeeping, while also earning credit towards a number of TURIOT certificate programs is available. The courses included in this program are equivalent to Certified Bookkeeper (CB) courses.

Business Analyst

Through this program you will gain the skills and knowledge you need to successfully analyze and validate business requirements and real solutions to recommend for organizational problems. You will learn to plan, test, monitor, document and communicate requirements during the life cycle of a product.

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