Certified Digital Media Specialist

Program Summary

This program gives students a summary of the many different types of digital media used in the world today. Students will study the effect that digital media is having on current lifestyles and culture. The program also reviews basic concepts that help create digital media and provides an introduction to relevant career paths for digital media professionals.

Students will study tools for creating digital media and talk about best practices in digital media creation, including an overview of project management, and an overview of processes to create new media pieces.

During the program, students will study social media use, digital media in marketing and advertising, digital media on the Internet, digital media in gaming and simulations, e-commerce, business, digital music and movies. They will also review laws and ethical concerns relevant to digital media and its use or creation.


  • Cover different forms of digital media.
  • Explain the value of Internet audio and video for business.
  • Discuss career options in digital media.
  • Analyze and contrast digital media with traditional media.
  • Talk about life in an increasingly digital society and the changes it has caused.
  • Discuss career options in project management.
  • Outline the social media evolution.
  • Cover the affect of ethics on social media.
  • Name challenges faced by the gaming industry.
  • Compare various computer languages.
  • Find out what role digital media plays in globalization.
  • State the limitations of doing business on the Internet.
  • Set forth some laws related to digital media.
  • Explain the rules of journalism.
  • Expound on expected changes in advertising and social media.
  • Ascertain the proper schooling for their chosen career path.

It is highly recommended that students have basic knowledge of computers and the Internet.

currbuttonCourse Syllabus

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  • Course Overview
  • Digital Camera Basics
  • Digital Cameras vs. Mobile Cameras
  • Project: What Do People Really Know About Digital Media?
  • The Rise of Digital Libraries
  • Project: Jobs in Digital Media
  • Quiz 1: Digital Media
  • Digital Media in Business and Society
  • Storing and Sharing Online Media
  • Project: Digital Media and Business
  • Best Practices for Digital Media
  • Project: Analyze and Evaluate: Digital Media
  • Quiz 2: Digital Media in Our World
  • Project: Special Project
  • Unit 1 Test
  • Course Project Part 1: Digital Media Cuts Paper Use
  • Glossary and Credits


  • Traditional Media vs. Digital Media
  • The Rise of a Digital Society
  • Project: Research and Write: Is the Internet a Bad Influence on Young People?
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Project: A Digital Life
  • Quiz 1: Effectiveness of Digital Media
  • Digital Media Production
  • Tools for Media Production: Web and Interactive Digital Media
  • Project: Analyze and Evaluate: Web Sites
  • Media Production: Audio and Video
  • Project: Working in the Field
  • Quiz 2: Digital Media Production
  • Project: Special Project
  • Unit 2 Test
  • Course Project Part 2: E-waste
  • Glossary and Credits


  • Project Management: Project Planning
  • Project: Pet Grooming Web Site
  • Project Management: Project Monitoring
  • Project: Problem Solving
  • Project Management: Project Termination
  • Quiz 1: Project Management
  • Social Media Defined
  • Uses of Social Media
  • Project: Research and Learn: Social Media and Problem Solving
  • Staying Safe When Using Social Media Sites
  • Project: Current Event: Cyber Bullying
  • Quiz 2: Social Media
  • Project: Special Project
  • Unit 3 Test
  • Course Project Part 3: Social Media and Environmental Activism
  • Glossary and Credits


  • Video Games and the Video Game Industry
  • Project: The Game Designer’s Presentation
  • Simulations and Modeling
  • Creating Video Games and Simulations
  • Project: New Games 101
  • Quiz 1: Gaming and Simulations
  • Creating Web Sites
  • Project: Research and Learn: Practice your HTML Development Skills
  • Web Pages: Beyond the Basics
  • Web Pages and E-commerce
  • Project: Designing an E-commerce Site
  • Quiz 2: Web Sites and Apps
  • Project: Special Project
  • Unit 4 Test
  • Course Project Part 4: Environmental Gaming
  • Glossary and Credits


  • Best Practices of Digital Advertisement and Promotion
  • Project: Going Global
  • Digital Media in Advertising
  • Law and Digital Media
  • Project: Research and Learn: Law and Digital Media
  • Quiz 1: Digital Business
  • Digital Audio and Video
  • The Future of Digital Media
  • Project: In the Future, What Will Digital Media Look Like for You?
  • Finding a Career that is Right for You
  • Project: Find Your Dream Job and Figure Out How to Land It
  • Quiz 2: The Future of Digital Media
  • Project: Special Project
  • Unit 5 Test
  • Course Project Part 5: Powering a Digital World
  • Glossary and Credits


  • Course Project Part 6: Digital Media and Sustainability
  • Review
  • Exam